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12 Places for Incredible Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts

I have good news and bad news.

Bad: It’s father’s day next week and if you’re reading this odds are you probably haven’t gotten the old man a gift yet…again.

No worries though! Here’s the good news

Good: I’ve compiled a short yet comprehensive list featuring retailers specializing in unique products that Dad will love.

We covered all the bases and sorted the retailers based on the 6 most common “Dad Types:”

  1. The Dad’s Dad
  2. The Gadget Obsessed Dad
  3. The Trendy Dad
  4. The MasterChef Dad
  5. The Prankster Dad

Whether Pops’ into grilling, camping, or simply lounging around the house ,the list below is sure to satisfy all your last-minute Father’s Day needs.


Man Wearing Adidas Ultraboost

The Dad’s Dad

Has any sitcom father ever reminded you of your own father? Think Jay Pritchett from ‘Modern Family.’

If so, your Dad may very well fall into this category.

Out of all the Dads listed, he is the most prone to having a gift-less father’s day. This is usually due to no one having a clue what to get him. 

All of this gift-getting frenzy can be solved by understanding one basic joy of his: comfort.

Option 1

In case you aren’t hip on the whole sneaker culture thing, the Adidas Ultraboost has quickly garnered the title as the most comfortable shoe on the planet.

As a proud owner of several pairs I can attest to their mythic levels of comfort.

This gift kills two birds with one stone; Dad will be walking in comfort, while you painlessly upgrade his style. Due to the high demand, Ultraboosts tend to fly off the shelves. Lucky for you, last week’s recent release should make copping them a piece of cake. 

Second option: What do most Dad’s like more than comfort? Poker night of course!

Option 2

Ok ok, maybe not every Dad is as poker night centric as they make it seem in the movies, but cards a safe and unassuming option. I’m not talking about the $3.00 pack of Bicycles you get at Walgreens. I’m referring to the hundreds of unique statement making decks that have only recently made their mainstream appearance.

Check the links below:


Gadgets on table

Gadget-Obsessed Dad

Whether your dad is obsessed with computers or simply manages to find enjoyment out of those one-use gadgets many find a waste, these next two sites are a goldmine.

Option 1

ThinkGeek offers up a wide array of everything from fanboy gear all the way to a mechanical DIY safe. Buying from here will guarantee you’ll be gifting him something he’ll love and that will keep him busy. 

Option 2

This is Ground is for a very specific type of tech Dad. They specialize in selling their own brand of leather travel bags, cases, and accessories. What makes their pieces unique is that they are built with a modern customer with an old world feel.

The leather is buttery smooth and it’s quality can be spotted from a mile away. As a plus, many of their items are modular, allowing Dad to switch out different inserts depending on what he intends to use it for.

Man Grilling

The Master Chef Dad

This is the Dad who is more often than not whipping up culinary masterpieces

The Food Network is basically his TV’s screensaver due to it seemingly being on a constant loop.

Both sites listed below offer a wide array of cooking gadgets to add to his culinary arsenal.

In addition, many of the products listed on each are unique, so rest assured, he won’t be secretly returning any.



Man Making a Fire

The Handyman/Outdoorsman Dad

You know when a site has a section devoted to Father’s day gifts, you’ve hit the right place.

While both sites seem fairly similar at face value, they are uniquely different at the same time.

Option 1

Best Made Company is the place to go for a more niche purchase; offering up everything from high quality workshop aprons to an American Longbow.

Option 2

Ball and Buck is a Boston Based company functioning as both a boutique as well as a manufacturer.

Most importantly, everything listed is certified American Made.

A personal reccomendaiton of mine is to shop B&B for their waxed cotton outerwear.

No matter which retailer you go with, you can rest assured that you’ll be purchasing something of both quality and meaning.


Man with Groucho Glasses and Cigar

The Prankster Dad

Were you ever hesitant to bring over your friends out of concern your dad might be up to his “old tricks again?”

While you may have suffered the wrath of his countless pranks, I can safely this can be the easiest type of Dad to buy for.

Option 1

The novelty store Vat19 has got you covered. From practical jokes, to strange desk toys, to lordship (no, seriously),  you can be sure you’re buying him something truly unique.

Ruin Days is those who really want to take it to the next level and give the Doctor a taste of his own medicine.

Option 2

Ruin Days is a website specializing in one thing and one thing only…ruining days. More specifically, they specialize in shipping anonymous boobytrapped packages. Everything from a box that dumps sand everywhere to a package that projects faux fecal matter, ruin days  now makes that a possibility. 

While many of the “gifts” on the site may be too extreme, sending one of these to Dad’s house may just give you more prank cred.

If you do chose this route, we suggest the safe, but effective glitterbomb.



Hopefully you found this list helpful in your quest for that perfect father’s day gift. Whether you’re a last minute shopper like me, or simply coming across this post down the road, these sites are year-round havens for Dad-Gifts.

Have any favorite places to buy your Dad gifts? Your input would be much appreciated down below!

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