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This Men’s Money Clip Card Holder Will Last You A Lifetime

Looking for a new money clip card holder but feeling overwhelmed by the thousands of options out there? Well, you’ve stumbled on the right blog because I’m about to spill the beans on what I believe to be the best solution out there.

Before I let you in on which wallet I’m talking about and where you can get your hands on one…or 3, check out the list below. How many of these bullets ring true to you?

  • You want a wallet that is slim
  • The wallet has to optimally hold cards as well as cash
  • It has to be well made

These 3 attributes are the most common things guys are looking for when setting out to replace their wallets.

Rest assured the wallet at the center of this post checks of all of these boxes and then some.

*Oh and for the record, what follows is non-sponsored*


The Best Men’s Money Clip Card Holder

Ok enough build up. The wallet I’ve been referring to is called the Mitchell Money Clip. I’ll get to a detailed overview in a bit but first off, a little backstory on the company.


About the Company

Founded in 1968 by Jerry Mitchell, the company is now run by his son David Mitchell out of a small workshop in Wisconsin. While they specialize in custom leather goods such as briefcases, belts and valet trays, they are most recognized for their signature “Mitchell Money Clip.”

To the untrained eye the function of the wallet resembles others on the market, but trust me, your eyes are fooling you. To truly get grip on just how well made these things are, you’ve gotta buy one yourself, and use it day-in-day-out just to experience how they hold up.



Mitchell Money Clip Material

The Mitchell Money Clip in a burgundy shell cordovan and green shark skin











One of my favorite things about these wallets is that the amount of different materials you can choose from. Want a wallet made out of vegetable tanned cowhide, you got it! Feeling a bit wilder and want a green sharkskin wallet, Mitchell Leather’s got that covered as well.

Over the past 3 years, I’ve purchased 2 wallets from Mitchell Leather. One made of shell cordovan and the other a green sharkskin. Take it from me, the leathers don’t wear out, they only get better with age. Make sure to frequently check out the website as it is updated with smaller batch wallets made of more exotic leathers and colors. 



Mitchell Money Clip Interior

Every bit of this wallet down to the metal clip is made in America



While guys can differ on the minute things they look for when buying a new wallet one feature is ubiquitous: It’s gotta be slim.

Those black bricks bursting at the seams with photos, cash and weathered business cards are the male equivalent to “mom jeans.” With tech innovations quickly eliminating the things we once used to have to carry on our person, wallets have adapted.

Admittedly I haven’t tried out many wallets in this category, however that’s due to the fact that once I started using my first Mitchell Money Clip, I knew I had a wallet for life.

Each wallet features 4 card slots and one metal spine to hold cash, but there’s more than meets the eye. The card slots can hold multiple cards.

In short, this is the perfect wallet if you’re trying to make that switch from a bulky billfold, but also don’t want to fold your money. The metal money clip is well made and sturdy. No moving parts here. 

Grabbing cash is as easy as locating the exact bill you want and pulling it out. Can’t get simpler than that!



Mitchell Money Clip Back

The Mitchell Money Clip in a beautiful shell cordovan



I’ve owned a bunch of wallets throughout the years and can honestly say that the Mitchell Money Clip holds up like a champ. The 3 years of wear my shell cordovan money clip has endured has made it even better than the day I received it.

The leather develops a beautiful patina, it softens, and the wallet adapts to the amount of things you carry in it.

The stitching on both of my wallets has remained intact and there is absolutely no separation or breakage anywhere. 

Basically, these wallets are in it for the long haul.




While this certainly isn’t the cheapest wallet out there, Mitchell leather offers a huge range of materials, spanning a pretty wide price range.

Essentially, it’s about $50.00 for the basic cowhide model and caps off around $200.00 for some of the more exotic leathers like shell cordovan.



Finding a good wallet is like finding a good slice of pizza; there are so many options yet few that are worthy of your hard earned money. 

Word of warning though; be prepared to receive compliments, and many of them.

If you haven’t already, hit this link to get your own Mitchell Money Clip today.

Have a favorite wallet of your own? Let me know in the comments below.

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