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The Best Mens T-shirts of 2017 May not be What You Expect

It’s summer and odds are you stumbled across this article on your hunt for a few new tees. Before you resume your hunt, please check out my list of the best mens t-shirts of 2017 to guarantee you’ll be making smart purchases that won’t end up in the trash.

Whether you realize this or not, there is a bit of a problem in the world of men’s t-shirts

The Problem:

There is an overwhelming mount of t-shirts saturating the market.

Whether you’re buying in-store or online, it’s hard to know whether your purchase will shrink, fade or simply fall apart.

The Solution

There are a couple rules to follow when replenishing your t-shirt stock.

T-shirts should be timeless and casual. Eliminate all patterned and graphic t-shirts from your initial haul. Instead, focus on buying neutral colored tees to start. The operative word here is versatility.

And for the love of god, please no rhinestones!

The t-shirts on the list below stick with these basic principles.

I also made sure that each featured shirt is:

  1.  Comfortable
  2. Versatile in both fit and design
  3.  Durable


Scroll down to check out the best mens t-shirts of 2017 and make sure to click the green link above the photos to check out these tees for yourself.


The Best Men’s T-Shirts of 2017


1. James Perse

James Perse T-Shirt

JP t-shirts are the quintessential summer t-shirt. Many of their tees have a subtle sun-bleached look They offer a wide array of colors that aren’t your typical blue, grey or white.

The unique colors, modern fit and subtle sun-bleached wash make these the quintessential summer tee.


The t-shirt is a slim fit cut but nothing that will be hugging your body.

Depending on your build however, you may want to size up.



2. Uniqlo

  • Uniqlo T-Shirt

Uniqlo is a Japanese retailer that has been rapidly expanding in the US as of recent. There are many positives to Uniqlo Tees: they’re comfortable, of good quality and offered in a huge array of colors. Above all, they are extremely affordable. 


I recommend staying with your true size for these tees.  


3. T by Alexander Wang

T-By Alexander Wang T-shirt

On the higher-end side we have T by Alexander Wang. 

While fairly basic at first glance, the oversized fit gives these shirts an edge which allows you to stand out a bit. 



T by Alexander Wang tends to produce their garments with a boxy aesthetic.

These t-shirts are meant to have a boxy and oversized aesthetic.

Sticking with your true size is recommended. 



4.  Allsaints


Allsaints T-Shirt

This London retailer offers a huge selection of t-shirts specializing in unique prints and patterns.

While most of their other garments exude a grungy rock vibe, Allsaints’ basic line features plain t-shirts that can be easily pulled off even if you aren’t trying to go for that whole “rockstar look.”



Unless marked “oversized” Allsaints tees tend to run on the slimmer side. If you’re on the bigger side sizing up is definitely recommended.



5. Jcrew

Jcrew T-Shirt


Jcrew offers up great fitting tees. The fabric has a subtle slub to it, giving it a unique look and feel.



While it is on the slimmer side, it definitely maintains a more boxy cut than some others. I would recommend sticking with your true size. 





I’ve saved one of my new favorites for last

The tees put out by DSTLD have quickly become a daily wear for me. They are on the thinner side, so they look just as good layered under a flannel as they do with a pair of shorts.



All tees by DSTLD are pre-shrunk, meaning you can wash and dry them without fear of them emerging from your dryer half their size.  

Keeping this in mind, I recommend sizing up if you are of a larger build.

If you’re of normal build however, you can definitely stick with your true size.




Whether you’re looking for a some new tees to keep you looking fresh this summer, or are more on the anal side like me, I really hope this list was of help to you.

Didn’t see one of your favorite brands on this list? Leave a comment down below, I would love to see what else is out there.

If you like what you see, you may find this article interesting as well!





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