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Hong Kong Wears: Travel, Food and Mens Style from Halfway Around the World

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I recently returned from a two week adventure from quite possibly the most visually stimulating and beautiful place I’ve ever been. keep in mind, by “adventure” I mean force-feeding myself into a gastronomic food coma every dayDespite my stomach constantly being on the verge of bursting, I managed to wander around and truly soak in everything mens style related the Pearl of the Orient has to offer. 


Incase you’ve never had the chance to give your body the sensory onslaught that Hong Kong offers, let me briefly…and I mean briefly list a few highlights:

  • It is one of the most densely populated areas in the world
  • The humidity could quite possible incapacitate a man
  • The multicultural culinary scene will make you reconsider where you live
  • Dilapidated and sun-faded buildings only add to the city’s overall beauty
  • You will notice distinct fashion genres people fit themselves into
  • Walking+Hills+Humidity = Comfort and functionality over fashion
  • It’s a must-visit destination for any mens style enthusiast.

Let’s discuss that last bullet for a second.

While I do dress according to the climate, I certainly don’t let weather dictate what I throw on in the morning; i.e you can occasionally catch me in a lighter than recommended jacket in the summer.

Needless to say, my typical climate confused wardrobe needed some adjustments for this trip.

To accommodate the walking, I swapped my go-to chukka boots and my Vans Sk8 Hi for a pair of black Adidas Ultraboost.

Not only are these shoes the most comfortable on the planet…seriously they are; they are breathable and can take a beating.

I chose the original black and white color way because they are more versatile than some of the others. They look just as good tracking around the city as they do for a casual dinner with a neutral polo and some jeans. Just my humble opinion.

Walking through the streets of Hong Kong



My nylon windbreakers had to take a backseat seeing as I began sweating within 2 minutes of being outside everyday. T-shirts and plain polos were what I reached for every morning. Plain dress and oxford shirts filled in for nighttime activities. 

When day eventually turned to night, I was able to breakout some of my favorite pieces. My YSL Classic Wyatt Chelsea Boots and a crisp Thomas Pink button down accompanied me to and restaurants.

Mens Style in Hong Kong

Yes, you heard me correctly! While walking around with my girlfriend, I stumbled upon said lounge. Needless to say, my love of gin made me a repeat customer.

The aforementioned gin hideaway is a prime example of what Hong Kong is all about. Hidden away in the corners and crevasses of this compact city are once in a lifetime meals, quirky shops, and boutiques so niche you won’t have any excuse for not buying your parents a gift.

Oh and did I mention that in addition to the countless boutiques, there is well more than a handful of world renowned tailors ready to bespoke you a suit, shirt, tie…you get the picture. Whatever your style is, you’ll be sure to love Hong Kong’s mens style scene.

As a traveler, this is all at your fingertips, it’s just a matter of uncovering what awaits you.

Its a city thats sure to inspire and stimulate, no matter where you’re coming from. 

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