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The Secret to Dressing Better Than Everyone Else



If you’ve logged onto Instagram anytime within the last year, you’d be hard pressed not to come across either: a.) A neck down shot of a fit guy wearing a vibrant, extremely contoured suit or b.) A desaturated photo featuring a skinny, hood covered gent with jeans so tight and distressed they’re more akin to bleached leggings than anything resembling denim. 

Not hating on these two styles at all. Hey, if you can rock it, then by all means rock it!  But let’s be honest here; only a certain few can successfully pull these trendy looks off. For a large majority of guys simply trying to upgrade their style game, these two looks will look like a costume at best…and at worst, a total disaster.

So how exactly does one look stylish while also maintaining their identity? Simple:

“Center your wardrobe around a few versatile basics and build off from that”

While this isn’t at all rocket science, there are more things at play here to consider than it seems. 


Where to Start


Traditionally “basics” refers to garments such as t-shirts, hoodies, etc. I think it’s better to think of “basics” as simpler pieces that can be incorporated into any wardrobe no matter on your style.  Shifting the definition in this way now opens up the door for many more options than before.

Here are just some of the pros to establishing a solid core of basics in your wardrobe:

  • You will look amazing without giving off that “try hard” vibe
  • Forget about keeping up with trends, high quality well fitted basics are inherently timeless.
  • You’ll be more likely to save money than those buying more trendy garments


These well fitted basics will act as a solid core to your wardrobe which you can then build off of.

Now that we’ve clarified what basics are and their importance, let’s break down which basics to focus on to start building a killer interchangeable wardrobe.


Here’s What to Buy

T-By Alexander Wang T-shirt

The T-Shirt


So t-shirts are inherently casual and simple. They were after all strictly worn as undergarments until the 19th century.


The truth is that t-shirts have come a long way since their early days. Now there are too many different  types of tees to count. The massive variety out there means that you can no longer just grab a 3pack of tees and be on your way.


The selection of materials, cuts, and designs offers up better options than ever before.

What color/style of t-shirt should you go with?


As mentioned before, the key is versatility so sticking with neutral colors is recommended.  Try starting with a light grey, white and navy.

Although this might seem boring and drab, the colors will allow you to easily mix and match with the other pieces on this list.

Click here for a list of some of the best t-shirts your money can buy.



Folded jeans


For a garment with such humble beginnings, denim sure has seen major growth since coal miners put them on in the 19th century

The market is saturated with hundreds of different washes, fits and brands; all promising to be “your new favorite jeans.”

To reduce the stress that often times comes with blindly shopping for some jeans, let’s get a few things straight:


  • Start by buying a simple and understated pair of dark wash jeans. If there is any distressing make sure it is minimal. Remember, versatility is key.
  • You want a pair of jeans that look just as good running errands on the weekend as they do out on a date.
  • Denim is a finicky garment when it comes to fit. If you’re a novice denim buyer, try on as many fits, sizes and brands as you can. Seriously! If you want to learn more about how to find the right brands and fits to go with, I recommend checking out these links.


Want a more in depth guide to buying jeans? Click Here


The Outerwear


Man in denim jacket


I am a firm believer that outerwear can add enormous amounts of character to any outfit.


Ideally you should buy 2 jackets.


  1. A heavier jacket like a leather moto jacket.
  2. A lighter jacket like a nylon bomber.


Outerwear is when you can really let your personality shine through. I’m not suggesting you buy that fur coat you’ve secretly considered in the past.

But if like that edgy rocker vibe maybe consider a denim/leather jacket. If it’s more of a classic preppy aesthetic you gravitate towards, maybe a nice bomber jacket will be more your speed.

In the end, it’s really up to you!




Trends in men’s fashion are constantly changing from season to season and year to year. What is considered “in style” this summer will have fallen out of fashion by the next.


Whether you gravitate toward a particular style or a simply trying to dress better; establishing a solid core of basics is imperative.

If you find yourself a bit overwhelmed once you actually set out to shop, just remember these 3 keys:


  • Keep it simple
  • Keep everything interchangeable
  • Keep it timeless


Don’t forget to check out some of the links I included in this post for a more in depth look at basics and establishing a wardrobe.


Do you have any tips on creating an interchangeable wardrobe? Leave a comment down below! I’d love to get your input.

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