10 Youtube Videos for the Fashion Geek
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10 Fascinating Mens Fashion Youtube Videos You Need to Watch

If you’re anything like me, the fun isn’t just in getting a new pair of boots, a jacket, etc; it’s in appreciating the process that made those boots, or the story behind the why that new jacket is constructed in the way it is.

While not yet proven, my hunch is that all fashion geeks share this same fascination to some extent.

That being said, I’d like to share with you some of my favorite videos covering everything from sneakers to sartorial. Instead of aimlessly searching for “mens fashion videos” only to come up with the handful you’ve already seen, I’ve taken the time to compile a list of my top favorites.

Whether you’re bored with nothing to do or just looking for something to kill time at work, I’m sure you’ll find something on this list that will hook you in.

For the Denimheads

There’s only one phrase to describe this video: Denim Porn. Whether or not you consider yourself a ‘denimhead,’ there’s something truly fascinating about watching a pair of jeans come to life. 


A Mesmerizing Look into the Boot Making Process

Some of my greatest digital discoveries have come about from the Youtube discovery page. This is one of them. While I’m only including one video, I highly recommend checking out all of Brian’s videos. In the high tech world we live in today, it’s refreshing to watch old world crafts.


A Fascinating Brain-Dump from one of the Most Influential Denim Manufacturers

A mix between a product demo, Q&A and a snake oil pitch, this 22 minute video is jam packed with raw denim wisdom coming from one of the most successful CEOs in the denim industry.

The Making of an American Classic

A three part documentary on Levi’s 501 jean…Enough said.

Find out What Sets Their Suits Apart from the Rest

A profile piece about one of the oldest family run Italian tailors, this video gives a refreshing view into the world of bespoke suit shops. But be warned, you won’t look at that off-the-rack suit the same. 


Geeking out with John Mayer and his Watches

Geek out with John Mayer as he shows off a few of his most valuable watches, and the stories behind them.


A Must-Watch Lesson in Sneaker Maintenance

Ever wanted to know the best way to keep those pearly white sneakers of  yours clean? Here’s how.


Watch one of the Most Iconic Pieces of Menswear Come to Life

This video is so much more than what it seems. Not only do you see how the classic Perfecto motorcycle jacket is made, you get to understand how Schott became one of the original heritage brands.


An in Depth Review of one of the Most Influential Sneakers

For all you sneakerheads out there, check this guy out! Sean Go pumps out some of the most in depth sneaker reviews.


Menswear Questions Answered and then Some

The Gentelman’s Gazette supplies the seasoned fashion enthusiast with tips tricks, and in depth guides to everything sartorial.

I hope you enjoyed some of the videos and Youtube channels I included on this list. Let me know which one was your favorite down in the comments section.

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